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Community Veterinary Care is a local non-profit Christian veterinary mission. We exist to help those who cannot help their sick or injured pets due to financial hardship.

If you or someone you know need(s) our services, please call us at 678- 640-3512.

If you share our vision and would like to help in some way, please click "Donations" or give us a call at 678-640-3512. 

To make application, go to "Getting Started" page

Our Mission: It is the mission of Community Veterinary Care (CVC) to be an expression of the light and love of Jesus Christ, in cooperation with local churches, by serving dog and cat owners who are unable to afford veterinary care in the North Cobb and South Cherokee County areas of Georgia

We want to accomplish this mission in two ways: first, to provide professional veterinary care for loved pets owned by financially needy widows, single moms and others who have suffered financial hardship, and second, to offer biblical guidance to these pet owners if they seek it. We are a local Christian veterinary mission to underprivileged people who have pets they love but can not care for.